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Radio Communications Museum



When visiting the museum before it officially opens in Summer 2020, please note that the reception is not continuously manned and the front door will be locked. Please ring the doorbell to call for assistance.

When the museum opens to the public there will be a range of membership and entrance fee options. In the meantime, we suggest that any visitor makes a £10 donation per person in the donation box in reception. The museum relies entirely on donations to operate, as we do not receive any local or central government grants or funding.

When visiting the museum by vehicle, please note that our car parking is free and is immediately in front of the museum and to the right of our building (as you face it). Please do not use the adjacent buildings’ parking spaces as they are in use throughout the day.

There are current copies of all the major radio and electronics magazine from the UK and USA in the display units. These are for the use of visitors and volunteers whilst in the building but they MUST be returned before you leave the building. All the displayed magazines are subsequently retained in our library located in the Upper Gallery.