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Radio Communications Museum


Disabled Access

We plan to make our museum extremely disability friendly.  If you have any additional ideas then please let us know

Wheelchair users

For wheelchair users we are installing:

  • A lift suitable for wheelchair users to allow movement between the ground floor and first floor galleries.  This is also an evacuation rated lift and therefore will support emergency egress from the first floor in case of fire.
  • A Refuge Alerter® radio-based refuge voice communication system that incorporates a hearing aid loop system.
  • Ground floor access from the car park into and out of the building is via level and fully accessible walkways.
  • Fully accessible toilet facilities.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing people

For deaf and hard of hearing people we are fitting:

  • an inductive loop system in the reception
  • an infra-red assistive listening system in the presentation and meeting area
  • an assistive listening system in the Operations Room.
  • the whole building will be covered by a Deaf Alerter®, radio-based, fire alarm and emergency messaging for deaf and hard of hearing people.

People with limited or restricted sight

Within the museum we will be making significant use of electronic visual display panels to provide information about exhibits and care will be taken regarding colour contrast, character size and helping to reduce the impact of colour blindness.

People with special needs who wish to attend our Amateur Radio Licence training courses or examinations

should read our section on Amateur Radio Training & Examination Special Needs