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Radio Communications Museum



The museum will soon have a range of antennas to support the equipment in the Operations Room. From VLF through HF to VHF, UHF microwaves and beyond.

At the moment we have some antennas available to support the workshop activities. These include :

A Wellbrook Receiving loop

A VHF and UHF vertical co-linear

A stub mast with azimuth and elevation rotator for use ISS and satellite use with circular polarised beams for 2M, 70cm and 23cm

A G5RV antenna for 40M 20M 15m and 10m

Coming shortly is :

a 60ft heavy duty mast with a StepIR beam for HF

a multi-band LF and HF vertical

a selection of wire antennas

The museum is located within the city of Derby in a relatively RF noisy environment, so the museum will have the capability to interface with two remotely located stations, both in electrically quiet locations.