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Radio Communications Museum


Amateur Radio Training & Examination Special Needs

The Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain is happy to accept applications from students with disabilities and special examination needs.  Our building is equipped for wheelchair users and those with sensory disabilities.

Although it may appear initially incongruous that a deaf or hard of hearing person can participate in a radio communication hobby, with the advent of RTTY and data communication modes such as PSK31, the use of audio is not a prerequisite.


Examples of special exam requirements might include:

  • An exam paper that contains no diagrams might be produced for a registered blind candidate and a Reader/Writer provided.
  • A candidate may receive extra time to complete the exam if a Reader/Writer is provided.
  • Candidates may be able to sit an exam at home if they are physically unable to attend an exam centre.
  • Candidates with dyslexia may receive exam papers printed on coloured paper to suit the requirements of the candidate.

These are just some examples and every candidate with special training or examination requirements is treated individually.


Candidates who believe they may have special examination requirement will need to seek the advice of a professional medical or educational adviser who will be able to recommend how we go about fulfilling their needs. As a result, you will need to submit with your application, a letter from the professional adviser setting out what facilities need to be provided; this should not simply be a statement of your circumstances as it will not help us to identify what your exact requirements are.

Only facilities professionally requested can be approved by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) Examination Department; we are not allowed to accommodate any requests for special requirements without the RSGB’s authorisation as this would invalidate the examination for all candidates.

The adviser must be qualified and practising in the discipline concerned.


As you can imagine, fulfilling the needs of candidates with special exam requirements can take a while, as a result such candidates are required to submit their application to sit an examination earlier than normal. At least twenty-eight days notice must be provided by us to the RSGB Examination Department for any special examination requirements, so please submit your application, together with your certification, at least five weeks before the first of the classroom based sessions (Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses) is due to take place, or the date of the examination.